Gathering gameplay


I played a good amount of Everquest 2 over the weekend, any crafting session in this MMORPG invariably involves some gathering as well since you burn through materials pretty quickly. As I flew around the Eidolon Jungle looking for wood, hide and root nodes, I started thinking about gathering gameplay in the various games that I’ve played. Although gathering materials is never my main focus in game, it’s often a background activity that interrupts or complements other activities.

Hunting around

Gathering can be very time-consuming: the session before last I first took a Wizard Spire to the Obol Plains to look for mats and found nothing there, eventually flying across the portal to Eidolon Jungle (the tourbillion). Thus I wound backwards, from a narrative perspective, to the earlier zone to hunt for nodes there. So finding the right area to gather is important, not all zones have an even…

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