Ba-ba-ba, barbarian

Even Now

The best thing about this post is the title, because it works with both “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys AND “La la la, linoleum,” as sung by Sesame Street’s Ernie (much to buddy Bert’s chagrin) in the “L Is Such a Lovely Letter” song.

And now I want to filk both of those.

But anyway.

I’ve been wanting to get Niituna, my raised-by-orcs dorf barb, on the livestream for a while now. This was her lucky week – except for Comcrap Comcrapping out as we were headed to The Unquiet Graves after completing Impossible Demands.

Tuna’s probably the toon I do the most roleplaying with. I can pretty much be me and still get into the personalities of most of my other toons, but it’s a bit harder with a barb who would gladly have big ol’ zeroes in everything but Str and Con if she could.

She seems…

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