Super Castlevania IV Review [SNES]


-by Dylan DiBona

One day when I’m elderly I’d like to sit down in a chair and know I’ve tried most (if not all) of gamings biggest series and games. I still have some pretty huge gaps until I get even close to halfway there, and one of those glaring holes was Castlevania.With an animated Netflix show coming June 7th, I thought what better time to try and jump into the series?

Can I just say before I start, I absolutely love the imagery of Castlevania. The dark and dreary Gothic architecture, ominous vibes and sense of necessity all make the series feel so epic (cliche word, I know). The original Castlevania was so close to being my favorite NES game of all time, but I find that it suffered in its latter half due to needlessly painful enemy placement and overall difficulty. With a little surfing of…

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