Finding low level dungeon groups


Patterns of play can come full circle I’m finding – my early years in MMOs was dominated by running dungeons. Yes, I spent time questing in a pair or trio to level characters, but at every opportunity we’d drop questing to run a dungeon or two with guild mates. The focus of that original guild was on playing together whenever possible.

Dungeon leveling

Somewhere in between as I’ve wandered between MMOs I’ve spent a lot more time on solo questing and crafting it seems. There have been various leveling groups in other games sporadically, but the bulk of my MMO gaming time isn’t really focused on dungeon running anymore. What’s different is that I’m not in any guilds that offer me the same small group, very relaxed pace dungeon running experience. I have experienced pugging in a few games since; notably in FFXIV, WoW and Neverwinter. I’ve always found the…

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