Syp’s gaming goals for June

Bio Break

May in review

  • Semi-retired from World of Warcraft (I think? Probably?) due to burnout and a lack of compelling endgame content
  • Played through most of Dreamfall Chapters, an adventure game from ex-Funcom devs
  • In LOTRO, I continued the Bingo Boffin quest line from Trollshaws through Lothlorien. I also kept up with doing at least one weekly scavenger hunt card.
  • I did a whopping ONE new chapter in SWTOR. It was fun, but I have a hard time compelling myself to sit down and just play for some reason.
  • Weirdly, I spent more time playing KOTOR 2 than SWTOR. Having a lot of fun with the retro series there being a total dark side ex-Jedi.
  • Spent a bunch of time in Guild Wars 2, finished the personal story on my Engineer and made good progress in Season 2 of the living story.
  • On mobile, I tooled around…

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