The Confessions of a Save State Abuser


-by Dylan DiBona

I was like anybody else; I used some save states on the classic Mega Man games, so I wouldn’t have to redo entire levels when I lost all my lives. I tried to keep my use of them ethical and correct. But the harder the games I played, the more I used them. Suddenly I was making save states every ten seconds, my gameplay was constantly being interrupted. It’s true, I am a save state abuser.

It’s not often that most video game players from all different brand loyalties can form a collective opinion. Save states are cheap, that’s what they’ll tell you.

I agree with the sentiment mostly. Older games like on the NES or SNES really extended their longevity by proving to be a challenge to the user. Some like me would argue that this forced the player to not only learn the game but…

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