34…reasons the Dreamcast is still the best games console ever


Well the day has come and my plans didn’t quite come to fruition (god damn GCSEs and my day job getting right in the way of an amazing idea)! Like all good guys who have broken a commitment, I’m here to grovel with something that is far too little, too late.

On Tuesday I turned 34; so here is the second instalment in my “series” (do two posts constitute a series? Put your answer in the comment section) “34…”

For my money there has never been a better console than the SEGA Dreamcast; SEGA’s swansong in the home consoles had an incredible array of positives that it is still unmatched nearly 20 years later. What are these positives? Well; let’s find out…

1. SEGA had never been better…

2. …nor would they ever be better

3. Every aspect of the console was used regularly from the modem to the 4…

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