Five Things Microsoft Must Do At E3


-by Dylan DiBona

I’ll be blunt, I don’t care about Microsoft in the video game industry. After supporting them all last generation and loving the Xbox 360, I just don’t see a need for them in the console marketplace, and especially in the software marketplace. But alas, they’re Microsoft, they have tons of money and can hire all sorts of geniuses to dig them out of their third place spot in the video game world. So what five things can win them the hearts of fans again?

1. Only Tease the Scorpio

There are these insane rumors that the untitled Project Scorpio console from Microsoft will be ridiculously powerful, the best console ever made. It’d be a terrible idea for the company to officially announce the new system, give it a release date and all the rest. This would give Sony a chance to sit back, analyze competition and make…

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