Who is Saerick Vorculas?

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One of the more interesting things I have found within my questing adventures in DDO is the random encounters or discoveries of potential powerful beings without really learning anything at all about them.  This essentially forces you to create your own “lore” about these particular personas.  One of these is Saerick Vorculas.  Saerick Vorculas is the end boss in the quest, The Keeper’s Sanctuary.  When you pick up the quest for The Keeper’s Sanctuary from Archin Muriose, he doesn’t give you any indication that you might encounter such a foe, just that he is looking for these scrolls of potential knowledge, which will obviously be protected in some way.


Finally coming across Saerick Vorculas.

So who exactly is Saerick Vorculas?  As you make your way through the Keeper’s Sanctuary, you will discover a few interesting items that give some clues as to who this powerful enemy…

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