Five Things Sony Must Do At E3


-by Dylan DiBona

Unlike Microsoft, Sony puts up tough competition for being my second favorite video game company. With that being said, it’s a little tougher trying to decide the five best moves for the Sony at this E3. Not only are they dominating this generation of gaming, but I have to stay as objective as possible and not put entries based on my personal desires. So what can keep Sony on the top?

1. Keep the Exclusives and the News Coming

Sony has a lot of promising exclusive titles coming up and it’s important to not only keep them coming, but to give the fans updates on how progress is on development. They should let everybody know how Naughty Dog is handling The Last of Us II, if Spider-Man is even close to releasing, etc.

Image result for spiderman ps4

There’s already been so many, and maybe it’s the glutton within me speaking…

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