Five Things Nintendo Must Do At E3


-by Dylan DiBona

Being my favorite company of all time, I love to see Nintendo succeed. Unfortunately, yet again they’ve opted out on having a big press conference and will announce their new projects on a Nintendo Direct. Don’t worry, I’m not going to praise the company endlessly, I can easily call them out on the stupid things they do. They seemed to have fixed their failure of the Wii U with the Switch, so how can Nintendo continue to fix themselves while serving the fans?

1. More Evidence of Third Party Games

Ever since the Nintendo 64 era, Nintendo hasn’t been on the best of terms with third party gaming companies; that’s why the Switches launch line-up was such a big deal. Don’t make it a one time thing though, show us proof of dedication from the third parties; what’s Sega working on, how about Capcom or even Bethesda? Make…

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