What Is Considered Retro Gaming?

Musings of a Mario Minion

It’s a contentious issue, but one that’s been breaking gaming families apart for years. What counts as a classic? What should we consider retro, and what should we just label boring ‘old’? Let’s find out.

retro game consoles

Retro Style

Some consider ‘retro’ to be a style of video game. Namely, anything that doesn’t pertain to the style of gaming we are currently used to. This argument would place anything before the PS1 generation as a retro console, due to its 8-bit or 16-bit graphics and apparent departure from photorealism.

There’s a tricky problem with this argument of photorealism, however. Sure after the PS1 consoles got better at representing reality in a way that strongly resonates with the way we perceive it, but that doesn’t mean other games weren’t striving for realistic representation. The ‘realism’ of PS1’s graphics were revolutionary at the time, but now we see them as a clumsy, lanky adolescence…

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