The Crystalline Tavern of the Plains of Endless Salt

Dyson's Dodecahedron

No matter how ridiculous the setting, the PCs are going to go looking for a tavern. So here is a tavern sitting on the Plains of Endless Salt, baking under the nine suns of one of the nameless Violet Hells.

Crystalline Tavern Crystalline Tavern

The tavern isn’t a large establishment, but the unique structure makes it memorable, and any source of liquid on the plains of endless salt would seem a godsend. And word is their margaritas are on point.

There’s a latrine trench cut into the Plains of Salt out back – the heat of the nine suns would make any indoor solution untenable, even for the Violet Hells.

Also, just as PCs are going to find a tavern, they are going to try to get a seat with their backs to the wall where they can see the doors. In this case, the round table on the lower left has…

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