Delera’s Tomb

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Though I really, REALLY dislike every quest in this adventure pack, it is nonetheless one I would recommend picking up because of the experience and loot, though mainly the loot, which it offers. And despite the fact that there are only really noteworthy three items on the loot list from Delera’s Tomb, two of the three are so game-breakingly good that they bring the loot score up to 5/5.

Experience: 3/5

Delera’s Tomb contains a quest chain consisting of four parts: a level 5 quest, two level 7 quests, and a final level 8 quest. This is where you get your named loot. In addition to these quests, there’s a level 6 standalone quest which nobody should do because it’s boring and offers no good incentive to run it, a level 9 quest which requires you to do The Haunted Library, and two level 11 quests,

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