Fact or Fiction: The Nintendo E3 2017 Leak List

3rd World Geeks

A friend of mine got a hold of an image of what appears to be a list of titles that Nintendo plans to talk about next week during E3. Normally, I’d dismiss these kinds of things but some leaks in recent times have been pretty spot on, such as the list that came out last year – the one that spoiled Monster Hunter Generations and SNES Virtual Console for the 3DS:

This leak of one of Nintendo’s presentation plans was pretty spot-on.

Instead of completely dismissing this new list, I want to keep an open mind and look at every title on the list and consider the plausibility of each one being announced as a Nintendo release, and then make a final verdict on whether the entire list is fake or real. Why? Well, because speculating is fun and it feels nice when you make a guess that ends up…

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