Eveningstar Challenge Pack

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Eveningstar; I can see the lights! Eveningstar, guiding me so bright!

If only the Eveningstar challenge pack could compare to Judas Priest’s “Evening Star,” we might have something here. But really, there’s barely anything keeping this pack above F-Tier. It’s rather pricey, it’s unpopular, and its loot is essentially worthless. In fact, I’d say it’s worst than worthless, since its abundance of ingredients only serves to clog up your inventory.

Experience: 2.5/5

The only half-decent thing about this pack. Any of these challenges can be done in either the heroic or epic levels once per life for a respectable chunk of experience. However, there are only six challenges here, and they’re very unpopular, meaning you’d have to solo them, which can be rather challenging.

Loot: 0/5

I’m hard-pressed to find a single piece of loot here which is worth itemizing on any build. The level 16 weapons are…

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