Episode 207: What Went Wrong with Sony’s E3 Press Conference This Year

3rd World Geeks


I don’t want to think of myself as a Sony fangirl but I have to face facts. I probably am. I grew up with the Sony PlayStation and it was my gateway to the world of gaming. I’ve forsaken other game consoles like the Xbox and even Nintendo’s latest consoles because I can’t see myself playing other games other than the ones that come from Sony very own console. I’m probably a Sony fangirl but even I have to admit that their E3 presentation for this year wasn’t all that great.

On paper, their plan looked really great. Sony went on a really different direction from what everyone else had been doing in E3. Instead of them getting the developers to preen about how awesome their latest game is going to be, they just kept on showing trailer after trailer after trailer. And the trailers were actually really good…

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