Four indications that the MMORPG genre might be turning a corner

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Because I spend so much time thinking, playing, and writing about MMORPGs, I feel like I’m sensitive to how the industry is changing and shaping. Last year there was definitely a dearth of hope among many players, proclamations that the genre was dead (or dying), and despairing observations about the lack of future games being made and hyped. And going into the first part of this year, it wasn’t that much better, with five MMOs closing up shop in January alone.

Yet (and I really don’t want to prematurely jump the gun with this, so take it with a note of caution) hope has started to bloom this year in earnest. We’re not just seeing some really promising semi-MMOs in the making (Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, Anthem) but some genuinely big, full-budget games in the works. Here are four indications that the MMO might be turning a corner into…

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