Nintendo DS Retrospective


-by Dylan DiBona

Was there anything quite like the Nintendo DS before it showed up? Nintendo has always been the king of the handheld video game market; it’s the sales of their handhelds that still keep them as the number one hardware seller in video games.

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color sold a combined total of 118 million units. These systems revolutionized portable gaming with addicting titles such as Tetris and of course Pokémon.

The Game Boy Advance sold a smaller 81 million units. This finale to the Game Boy line brought us interesting installments in age old series like The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion. Castlevania started its golden age and multiple Super Nintendo classics were brought to the handheld.

And then there was the Nintendo DS.

Standing at a whopping 154 million units sold, the Nintendo DS is not just obviously…

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