I’ll Review Anything: EA, Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Ubisoft and the PC Gaming Show E3 Presentations for 2017

3rd World Geeks

Long ago, it was just the guys that made the gaming consoles that held these fancy E3 Press Conferences. It was just Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo that did these massively glitzy shows. But things have changed, haven’t they. Soon, even game publishers got into the act. Well, some of them tried, anyway. I mean, Konami’s first (and only?) E3 Press Conference will definitely live in infamy because of how cringeworthy it was.

This year, there were four “other” Press Conference this year: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Bethesda and, possibly the biggest mishmash of them all, the entire PC gaming community. Let’s go see how these guys fared this year, shall we?

Electronic Arts

Whether or not you think Electronic Arts, or EA, is an “evil” company or not, there’s not escaping that they’re one of the biggest players in the gaming world today. It actually feels kind of apt that…

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