Thought experiment: Becoming an MMO musketeer

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Every so often when I enjoy a good fictional franchise of some sort I get a hankering to replicate that experience in an MMO. I can’t be the only one who creates thinly veiled mockups of book, TV, or movie heroes in a game (at least the concept; I don’t try to replicate looks or create a twisted version of the in-canon name). So this week I’ve been reading the fourth Greatcoats book, Tyrant’s Throne, and once again feeling a strong urge to play a Three Musketeer-type in an MMO.

This, upon deeper reflection, is not as easy as it sounds.

My thought experiment today is to try to find the best game and class that would hew to a finesse-oriented sword fighter who (ideally) wields at least one rapier and possibly a pistol as well. It would be a class or build that focused more on precision and rapid…

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