E3 Hangover 2017



So E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo, or A Reason for Gamers to Lose Their Collective Minds – is over and behind us. There was a lot of information to absorb in a short period of time, and sometimes that time was at odd hours in the morning. But it’s time to re-hydrate and get ourselves back together.

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There are plenty of other folks who have discussed Ubisoft’s performance, Sony’s performance, Bethesda’s performance, Microsoft’s performance, Nintendo’s performance… you get the idea.

I found the differences between consoles strangely emphasized, with Sony talking about the great storytelling experiences they offer, Microsoft showcasing their fabulous graphics and technical prowess, and then Nintendo coming in and talking about how fun games are.

While I think that explains a lot about the focus of these companies, it also seems to explain a lot about their fans… and a lot about why people, whether they…

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