I gnome my way around

Even Now

Do I really know my way around? In general, OH HELLZ NAW. But I’ve run the Lords of Dust chain enough that I mostly don’t get lost there. Well, there is that ONE part in Servants of the Overlord where you’re running around looking for crests and there are a lot of passageways branching off here and there – I do tend to forget which ones I’ve already done. But that’s just extra backtracking rather than actual lost-ness.

Besides, Sunday it didn’t matter what I ran – I could be confident I’d gnome my way around because I was on Trici, my totally adorable though undergeared and kinda gimped gnome artificer… or “gnomificer,” as she prefers to be called.

I was figuring on a solo night – Slvr was out of town, Seki was being a dad on Father’s Day, Citi should have been doing his grocery shopping (but was…

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