City of the Gods – Session 3

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Artisan's Tomb art by Richard Bennett (c) 1988 TSR The Artisan’s Tomb art by Richard Bennett (c) 1988 TSR

(I’ve fallen way behind on these – expect a few catch-up posts from the campaign this week)

We return to the group as Rasha returned with the Patriarch’s horse and the unconscious priest, as well as a wild penitent scribe familiar to a few members of the party.

The priest appeared to be comatose, a victim of some strange mesmerism or other magic. Following earlier leads that the Patriarch’s party was travelling to the mountain hunting grounds, the party went there were they convinced the chief ranger (Vetranio Tasie) that they were on an important rescue mission and needed to see what was going on at the one estate on the grounds that was open.

At the estate they established that the servants were there ahead of their masters by several days in order to set up the estate for…

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