Virtual Console Buying Guide (All regions)

Retro Corner

Whether you are new to retro gaming and don’t want to pay the inflated cartridge prices or don’t know what’s available on the Virtual Console, welcome to my Virtual Console buying guide. This guide will walk you through the Virtual Console service on all three Nintendo systems. Within this buying guide, you’ll find complete Virtual Console game lists for the Wii, Wii U, and the 3DS for all three regions. You can expect this guide to be updated after games are added on Thursdays every week. I list every game that is presently and was previously available, which Nintendo systems you can buy them on, how much the games cost, every game Nintendo has delisted off the service, and game recommendations. This buying guide is nearly 16,000 words long. If there are specific sections you only want to read, you can copy the six letters to the right of the…

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