Held Hostage, Part II of III: Video Games and Children


Welcome to Part Two of our mini-series on the effect of violence in video games on children. For Part One, click here.

Last time, we spoke briefly about the differences between violence and aggression, as well as discussed how correlation between events does not imply causation of one event/behavior because of another. After examining some of the available research, we concluded that, while violent video games cause increased aggression in adults, video games did not cause increased violence. I then posed the following questions:

  • Can video games cause permanent changes to aggression in children?
  • Do video games cause children to become violent people?
  • What effect can exposure to media violence have on childhood development?
  • What might be different about video games than other media? Is there a difference?

So without further ado, let’s jump in to part two and examine how violent video games may affect levels of aggression…

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