The Battle for Eveningstar reaper

Micki's Delirium

The other day I wanted to do a reaper 1 Battle for Eveningstar at level, meaning max level 21. I posted and left the lfm up while I started. I have done this quest EE at level before, but never attempted to solo reaper. I spent most of the time jumping on roofs, trying not to die from the casters, which failed a few times. Luckily my deaths were close enough to a shrine that I didn’t need to use a cake. I parked Albus as a fail safe and at a couple of times parked him near me on a roof so he’d throw me heals, but he turned out to be completely useless for this. Parked he didn’t heal me and he didn’t heal himself either, so he ended up dying. For the end fight I just left him at the shrine.

The quest took me a while…

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How To Rejuvenate​ Your PS Vita Games List In 2017

Musings of a Mario Minion

It’s a common misconception that the PS Vita games list has been left to rot. Yes, Sony seems to have kicked their handheld under the rug since the PS4 climbed onto its pedestal, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to get your thumbs into on the console. The PS Vita console design is so sleek and gorgeous it would be a crime to let it continue gathering dust in your drawer, so here are 5 ways to rejuvenate your PS Vita games list in 2017.

PS Vita advert with Nathan Drake

Take Advantage of the PS Vita Retro Games List

There’s a massive amount of PS1, PSP, and even PS2 titles to take advantage of on the PS Vita. If you’ve become disenfranchised with the limited PS Vita game release list, then take the time to dedicate a PS Vita memory card to the good old days and enjoy a new lease of life on the…

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Raiding with the static group

Micki's Delirium

Schoan, Valdayanie and Jarvanna have not done a whole lot of raids, mostly due to the fact that we don’t really play these characters outside the group and Schoan has had a lot of problems with lag in raids. As we hadn’t done Legendary Shroud together, I suggested I’d post for a normal run, and I did. We quickly got a few joiners, and when I felt we had enough to start,  I suggested we run short man. My character felt terrible in the run, and I brought Evilynnn with me as a piker, which did cause a bit of distraction for me. The raid progressed slowly, but over all it was a good run.

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Relying on Lootboxes is a Mistake


Are you really happy with the lootbox system? I’m not. At first I thought they were fun. I mean, who doesn’t like the feeling of opening what is essentially treasure chest? The thing is though, almost all of the fun in a lootbox is found in the opening. Once it’s done, it’s done, and hopefully you got something good out of it. There’s no lasting sense of achievement with lootboxes; not like the unlockables they replaced. This might just be the old crotchety gamer in me talking, but I can’t help but think that unlocking special armors and skins was far superior to the current system of slot-machine style lootboxes.

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How 2 Guys Are Playing Every NES Game In North America

Musings of a Mario Minion

Retro video game collectors look away, for in the heart of YouTube there live two guys playing through the entire NES collection available in North America. After Paul and Andy had managed to collect every NES title in the region, they set about to complete them all in 2015. We caught up with the guys to find out what they’ve discovered from their extensive library, and any retro games collecting tips they may have to offer.

My first question is basically why?! What made you guys decide to collect every NES game licensed in the US and then play them through? 

Paul:  Why.  I started collecting for the NES when Game Stop was still selling retro games, and most of the titles were cheap.  I would pick up 15 or so games a visit, and as I started to round the 200 mark, I thought “you know, I bet I could…

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Raids week 37

Micki's Delirium

Raids 37 was last Saturday. I went for a bike ride earlier in the evening, and when I got home I started feeling sick so taking care of the degus took a lot longer than it usually does and I didn’t post for the raids til 4pm EST (10 pm my time). I posted for LE TS, R2 level 30-30, and it took a good long while before we had enough people to start. The raid itself went well, fire & ice was no real issue, and the end fight we did like last week, fought Sorjek from the safe spot to avoid him resetting.

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MMOs have a “features hoarding” problem

Bio Break

Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with the question of why MMORPGs aren’t as easy to pick up and put down as other video games.

I know, I know, the answer seems obvious and lengthy and worthy of a #geekworldproblems hashtag, but stick with me. It probably also seems laughable coming from me, since I have this reputation of playing every MMO under the sun (which is not remotely true — it’s mostly appearances). But let me lay out what I’m feeling and see if I can’t drum up some sympathy.

So take your average video game — PC, console, mobile, what have you. One you’ve never played before. You have a few obstacles to really getting into it and enjoying it, namely price (if there is one), installation difficulties (if any), and an acclimation period in which you learn how the game functions and what it offers. Some…

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