How A Small Video Game Reviewer Can Get Their Voice Heard

Musings of a Mario Minion

It can be tricky to get your voice heard over the screams of video game reviewers around launch day, but there is a way to stand out from the crowd that can actually prove more fun than a conventional review.

get your voice heard

Every budding video game journalist has found themselves looking on at the big time news outlets covering every new title to grace our systems with envy. Even if you’re not in it for the free games, you may still be jealous of the droves of readers the Kotakus and Game Informers of this world manage to gather. It can be impossible to keep up with the big guns, or even compete for readership, so you’ve got to give readers something these major outlets can’t – depth of analysis.

Detailed Video Game Review.png

You see, a big outlet needs to make everyone happy. Their site, and livelihood, depend on covering every aspect of a title that…

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