Death to MMORPG side quests!

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I am not one to badmouth the MMO quest system. It really was one of those features that put World of Warcraft on the map, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. I greatly enjoy both the stories and feeling of accomplishment at ticking off tasks (and getting rewards and XP bumps is not half bad either). But here is a question that I’ve been pondering lately: is it high time that we kill side quests once and for all?

While I can certainly defend main story quests — such as zone/planet-wide chains or a personal story arc that goes through most of the game — side missions lack positive qualities that make them desirable. Let’s call them for what they really are: busy work. Side quests are small tasks that offer no real story, no significant reward, and only serve to pad out your quest log and allow dev teams…

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  1. I’m going to have to disagree, somewhat, with this. Possibly.
    It depends how the game treats the main quest line. In a few MMOs, most recently for me LOTRO and Rift, sometimes the main quest line can pretty difficult. Some people like myself who pretty much play solo, I’ve often found myself stuck at certain points in that quest line. Having side chains gives me a chance to do a little leveling up to give me an edge when going back to the main quest line.


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