Killing the 3DS Would Neither Be All That Amazing, Nor a Gift for Nintendo Fans


Handheld gaming should be dead right now. It’s now 2017 and handheld gaming still isn’t dead despite years of predictions to the contrary. Smartphones and mobile gaming were supposed to kill it as soon as they became popular, but here we are. Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous and mobile gaming has become a huge market. Despite this, handheld gaming has remained popular (and profitable). Of course, by “handheld gaming”  I mean Nintendo’s 3DS/2DS line of products and games. Handheld gaming as we know it was a Nintendo idea and a sphere Nintendo has always dominated without contest. Thanks to this, Nintendo fans have now enjoyed a fun and unique gaming experience for over 27 years. Still, even though handheld gaming is still going strong and is still serving Nintendo fans well, there are those who think Nintendo would be doing its customers a huge favor by phasing out their handheld line…

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