In Game Loading Screens Should Be Made “Fun”

3rd World Geeks

If you’ve played a modern game, you’ve probably know that you can’t just boot it up and play instantaneously. No, you gotta wait for the company logos to flash on the screen first. Then you gotta load up your game. Then you gotta wait for the game to load. And load. And load… Loading screens are pretty much synonymous with modern gaming. So, there you are. Sitting in front of your TV/computer screen, staring at that rather plain looking image that says the game is “Now Loading”… like you didn’t know what was happening. Okay, they may say they’re reticulating splines or something like that.

How do you actually reticulate anything, much less a spline?

In all honesty, I’m kind of okay with the initial loading screen. Sure, it’s the longest and it could take you a minute or two… or three… before you actually get into the game. But once…

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