Reflection: Women & Gaming in My Family

The Gaming Teacher

Coming off a week of vacation, I found myself reflecting on the week, including what I accomplished and whatnot. I had a good time with family, met my adorable nephew for the first time, relaxed on the beach, meal prepped, and got even closer to finishing Persona 5 (the end is so so close!).

In the midst of this time, I thought some more about my gaming habits—how they’ve developed and changed over time. I then gave some thought to the fellow women I know who game and to what extent we share in this activity. This topic might not be the most popular among those who play video games, perhaps some feel it’s been beaten to death, but I’d like to briefly offer some of my experiences.

I’m a bit of the odd one out in my immediate family. I always had an interest in computers, fancy gadgets, and…

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