Five Gaming YouTubers Worth Watching


-by Dylan DiBona

Once 2010 hit, everybody had a camera in their household. This turned the internet into a cesspool of videos; some funny gems, but most were low quality, repetitive or simply not noteworthy. With an overabundance of let’s players and reviewers, it’s hard to really pick out the best of the bunch. The five YouTubers I’m about to list have content that I have binged, content I come back to over and over again. I prefer these videos to television because they’re centered around my passions, our passion- video games. These are in no order of greatness, it’s just a simple list.

The Gaming Historian

(Genre: Educational)

Comedy gaming videos seem to be the main attraction on YouTube, and that’s fair enough; who doesn’t like gaming and laughing? I’m of the belief that, if you have a passion for something, you should have a suitable knowledge of it…

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