Getting me interested in a new MMORPG


As the years pass and tastes seemingly change I find myself not actually looking forward to any specific upcoming MMORPGs at the moment, I find that kind of sad as the first few years of this blog were notable for the eager anticipation of some new games (SWTOR, GW2, FFXIV: ARR) and the unplanned discovery of others (BDO, ESO).

Syp has a post on his blog discussing what game developers should do to interest him in new titles. The list doesn’t directly address the things that encourage or discourage my interest in new games, so I’ll discuss my own points here. I’m much more interested in a specific style of MMORPG, one that apparently is out of fashion thesedays. I have more games than I can play at any given moment, and more content spread across those games than I could probably finish if I weren’t working and had all…

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