Hall of the Ancient Ones

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The elves called it something that translates to “The Silent Home of Those Who See From Beyond The Veil Of Worlds And Time” or something similar. More recent translations of elven texts tend to call it the “Hall of the Ancient Eyes” or the “Hall of the Ancient Ones”.

Hall of the Ancient Ones Hall of the Ancient Ones

The texts usually referenced the hall in passing, but a few choice excerpts describe it as a place where otherworldly entities see into this world, and where some sorcerers, mystics, and warlocks would communicate with outworld patrons.

But of course, the one or two texts that actually mention where the Hall is have been taken by looters with no concept of their value, or destroyed in the collapse of the elven empire. And there are plenty of “sorcerers, mystics, and warlocks” who would love to find it in order to communicate with creatures from beyond the…

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