Sequels in the NES Era


-by Dylan DiBona

I’ve spoken about sequels plenty of times here on PlayingWithThought; it’s a topic that really intrigues me as a creator. There are so many different philosophies that can be put into a sequel. Do you copy what you did the first time? How much can you add onto the original formula without it being too different? Back when home console gaming was getting a resurgence thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System, developers clearly had a tough time answering these questions. It’s why we got so many “black sheeps” in long standing franchises.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term black sheep, it essentially means an installment in a series that is different from its predecessors and or sequels. This happened a lot back in the eighties, as developers didn’t want to just rehash old ideas.

Image result for castlevania 2Castlevania II Simon’s Quest is the definition of a game coming…

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