Fifth Edition Character Sheets

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Fifth Edition Character Sheets Fifth Edition Character Sheets

So, after years of requests, begging, and even a nice bit of bribery here and there, I’ve finally put out the first hand-drawn Fifth Edition character sheets that I’m happy with.

This package contains two versions of a single-page 5e character sheet. One has all the skills in a single box, the other has the skills divided up between the ability scores. The one with the skills in one box moves the saving throw marker from the skill list to a small box attached to the side of the appropriate ability score box.

Otherwise they are pretty much standard 5e sheets.

If reception is good (ie: it brings in a bit of money instead of just being downloaded a few hundred times for free), expect a back page to be added to the package soon, and then probably some other variants and maybe a spellbook page.

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