PC Game Glitch Unintentionally Creates New Ending

Musings of a Mario Minion

PC players have fallen in love with all of Event…‘s 4 available endings. Meanwhile, developers are scratching their heads… because they only programmed 3.

Event 0Event 0 is a first person science fiction narrative game in which the player interacts with an AI character called Kaizen through mysterious terminals throughout their journey. Kaizen guides the player through a desolate space station, revealing more and more about the storyline around them and the dangers they face. Build a relationship with the lonely computer and the AI will help you return to Earth, disobey it and you’ll be stuck on the space station. Unravel the mysterious history of the retro-future space station you find yourself on, as well as Kaizen’s own personality and moods, to persuade him to help you home.

Event 0

There is, however, one key action that will cause you to irreparably lose Kaizen’s trust. During the game, Kaizen will ask…

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