Ataribox Debut: Current and Retro Gaming In a Sleek New Build

Musings of a Mario Minion

Just a few short weeks ago the Ataribox was announced. Atari’s first hardware release in 20 years, the comeback retro gaming console is an enigma as it stands today. New photos and some more details of Atari’s plans for the console released today, however, may clarify further.

Ataribox Retro Gaming

With 4 USB ports, 2 SD card slots, and HDMI and ethernet ports, the Ataribox is ready to take on modern audiences. We weren’t entirely sure what Atari’s new console was going to shape up to be, and to be honest we’re still pretty clueless. But what we do know is that Atari look to approach new audiences through their software as well. The Ataribox will run “classic” and “current” titles on release using “modern internal specs”.

So we know it’s not exactly just another retro gaming console built to cash in on some of that Nintendo-brand nostalgia. Yes, the success of the…

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