The Beauty and Ugliness of the Fighting Game Community

3rd World Geeks

Esports is a thing. Even though there are still a lot of people that can’t wrap their head around the competitive side of video games, esports is a thing. And it’s an incredibly huge business that should be taken seriously by everyone, especially those in media. Not only are the prize money getting bigger, but the viewership numbers are just ballooning each and every year.

While most of these numbers come from MOBA games like League of Legends and DOtA, I do believe that a good chunk of those figures comes from fighting games. While MOBAs generally pull in bigger numbers than fighting games, it does seem like games like Capcom’s Street Fighter and Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros are more mainstream. In fact, just last week, the EVO finals for both of those games were broadcast live on non-gaming channels. The EVO finals for Street Fighter V was shown on…

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