Revenge of the Ghoul Prince

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Beneath the recent ruins of an unnamed fort in the rough mountains north of Dawnharbor is the “Hall of the Ghoul Prince”. Tales in Dawnharbor mention that the fortress was assaulted and partially destroyed by an angry mob of townfolk and a couple of adventurers when it was discovered that the nobleman living there had been engaging in cannibalism and other base horrors for some time.

Revenge of the Ghoul Prince Revenge of the Ghoul Prince

The main hall deep under the fort was said to have the remains of a dozen local farmers and a few young nobles hanging from the walls. The tales go on to describe that the mob found a deep chamber attached to the hall where the nobleman (now only remembered as “the Ghoul Prince”) kept a foul demon bound and enslaved that he “milked” for its blood and other ichors.

The miasma of foul ichors released by this demon…

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