Age Doesn’t Make a Game Dated


It was thanks to Cary’s recent post, Playing Games Past Their Prime, that I had a revelation concerning a few questions I had been asking as of late.  It largely boils down to: why do some old games feel dated, while others from the same era do not?  Furthermore, how is it that even new games can, on occasion, feel dated right from the start?  It’s a strange paradox, isn’t it?  One might expect all old games to feel dated by virtue of being old.  And that means it’s not possible for a new game to feel dated until enough years have passed.  Right?  No, not right.

Dated, put simply, means old-fashioned.  Of course, you all know this.  In less simple terms, it means, I outgrew this, or society as a whole has outgrown this.  It means, this would have been acceptable years ago, but we’ve advanced beyond this…

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