Crash Bandicoot Difficulty Is Shining A Light On The Ugly Side of Videogame Journalism

Musings of a Mario Minion

WhatCulture Gaming recently released a video entitled “Vicarious Visions Admit They Botched The Crash N.Sane Trilogy”. Let’s talk about that.

Crash Bandicoot Vicarious Visions.png

A hype train is easy to catch, no matter how fast it’s raging past you. The video game journalism industry already knows that all too well. However, just as games can be over-popularised for small reasons, they can be vilified as well. This seems to be what is happening to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy since developers Vicarious Visions released a statement responding to comments on the remaster’s difficulty level.

The ground up remake has received amazing responses from reviewers and players, succeeding in giving old Crash lovers a new lease of life and introducing a brand new generation to the fuzzy l’il rascal. For many, however, the first title in the trilogy felt considerably more difficult. After some investigating from players, Vicarious Visions released this statement that listed new jump…

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