Setting vs system (DDO & Neverwinter)


I’ve really fancied some Dungeons & Dragons themed gaming after last weekend’s tabletop sessions, so I’ve dipped back into both Neverwinter and Dungeons & Dragons Online over the last few days. They’re very different games, although both feature on the more ‘action’ end of the combat spectrum for MMORPGs. As I’ve thought about them, I’ve been pondering the tension between setting and systems and the very different qualities presented in these two games.

Of settings

By settings I mean the setting for the action in each game’s story, the fantasy world used by the developers as backdrop to the game. DDO bases much of its levelling content in my personal favourite D&D campaign setting, the magitek themed world of Eberron. The game does a very good job of capturing flavours of the setting, elemental ships flying overhead and some very good sound design to capture the hustle and jungle-choked ‘exoticism’…

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