Two minds on the gear grind


A couple of different articles have brought me to thinking about grind in MMORPGs. Shintar writes at Going Commando an update on the Command XP system that was introduced to Star Wars the Old Republic this year. The system allows you to obtain new gear (and other rewards) by grinding repeatable content, very flexible in its way but a grind nonetheless.  The system never motivated me to play the game more, but then that’s not a fault of the system per-se, but rather that I’m just not motivated by gear drops, never have been.

Yep, never got past rank 2

At the same time in dipping back into Neverwinter, by necessity I’ve been reacquanting myself with the upgrade and refinement systems in that MMO. In a word it is very grindy, but somehow I’ve never found it that objectionable. I suspect that this is mainly because it doesn’t block my progress…

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