The Holy City of Guerras-El-Essat

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Guerras-El-Essat is built up around a massive temple dedicated to the living (or unliving?) eight-armed vampiric deity-demon El-Essat who stalked the peoples living along the verge of the Blue Jungles since times beyond recorded history. In what was either a brilliant coup by the demon or by the priesthood (depending who’s stories you hear), she now lives within the jungle temple and is served blood sacrifices to keep her happy and in turn to keep the holy city and the lands along the blue jungles safe from her hunger.

The Holy City of Guerras El Estat The Holy City of Guerras El Estat

Multiple religious compounds have cropped up within the city since the “capture” of the demon – mostly dedicated to other traditional faiths of the Blue Jungle peoples, and a few subcults of El-Estat herself. The holy city also has just about everything you would expect of a major city of the jungle peoples –…

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