Raids week 41

Micki's Delirium

I was a little bit late last Saturday, and posted for R2 LTS at about 3.15 pm EST (I try to always post at 3). The group was slow filling, and it wasn’t until one of the last few spots that we got strength. The group filled before we started, and I waited for most before running to the front door. This time I didn’t die, in fact things went really smooth up until the end fight. Most of the party stayed in the safe spot, yet Sorjek reset once. He fell down and then reset. I don’t know what caused him to fall down or if the reset was because of the fall or if one of the party members got knocked off. The end fight was anyway long and boring, but eventually Soejek went down. We finished the raid in 30 min, and I didn’t die at all…

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What I’ve spent on MMORPGs this year

Bio Break

It being the end of August and all, I thought about doing a little inventory of what money I’ve actually spent on MMOs this year. I think I’m actually up over last year, because I know that I didn’t spend very much in online games at all. Most of my gaming purchases still are for new GOG or Steam titles that I want to play on the side, but very few of these are MMOs. So what have I been dropping my allowance on? Let’s tally it up.

World of Warcraft: $25

As far as I can recall, the only thing that I’ve spent money on in this game this year was a single race change, to transform my human Warlock into a gnome. I’ve been coasting on WoW tokens for my subscription, but now that the market has shot way, way up, I’ll probably have to spend real money…

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Gliding and movement as gameplay


We’ve played a good amount of time in the first of the Maguuma zones, Verdant Brink, I’m impressed with how the expansion integrated different movement ability unlocks as part of the gameplay. Gliding is unlocked pretty quickly and offers the most utility; planning routes up and across the zone adds to the gameplay, especially because as a duo we get to discuss routes as we play.

Having unlocked gliding traversing the zones became much easier as we could use gliding to disengage with the hostile creatures in our way. The second and third chosen unlocks, the bounce mushrooms and updraft use, give you ways to get up higher to then glide to new and harder to reach places.

The expansion then has exploration as a progression mechanism, as your character unlocks new masteries (s)he becomes progressively better at exploring. I like it actually, and it seems we’ll have more of…

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Episode 218: The Rise and Fall of Motion Controls

3rd World Geeks


We have a Wii somewhere in my house. I don’t know where it is, though. It’s probably gathering dust in some forgotten corner of a closet somewhere but I can’t really say where it is exactly. That’s because we disconnected Nintendo’s motion controlled some years ago and never bothered to plug it in anymore. You may say that this is the fate of most video gaming consoles but that’s usually doesn’t happen in my house. My brother still has his PS3 hooked up to his TV and he boots it up once in a while to play Grand Theft Auto V (“We’re not buying it again for the PS4,” he says) and his old, reliable Famicom (that’s the NES for you Western dwellers) is still working and he plays a few oldies on it once in a blue moon.

Wonder how much a working Famicom is these days?


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The PAX Survival Guide


So you’re going to PAX, eh? You thought ahead, snagged your passes, and are finally on your way to one of the biggest gaming of the year. Congratulations! Of course, getting there is just the beginning. Next you’ll face the real challenge: making sure that you get to do everything you want to do! Fear not, eager PAX attendee! I’ve attended a few PAX shows in the past and have learned a few useful tidbits along the way. Tidbits I’m going to share with you right here and now. Whether this is your first time going or your fifth, chances are these simple tips will help you out (even if they’re just reminders). 

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The False Tombs (with video)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Lord Dranoel was the kind of mad king that of course would get buried with all his entourage, advisors and hangers-on when he finally died at the ripe old age of 27. Since taking the throne in his teens he had been planning for his eventual death – hiring the assassins needed to ensure that he was well accompanied into his elaborate tomb, as well as getting the work done on the tomb proper.

As per his orders, the tomb remained magically sealed after his funeral – sealing in the few mourners who could be forced to the occasion at spear-point. The half-complete structure that the tomb was built into never did get completed and was slowly overbuilt with other structures and then became the foundations for Sandorne Citadel. With the loss and destruction of the citadel in the war, the area has become savage badlands again, with the ruined…

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A Mario and Rabbids Crossover?


Despite a rather limited budget and a low likelihood that I will be getting the Nintendo Switch any time soon, I have still made efforts to keep up with recent and upcoming games on Nintendo’s newest console, if only in a casual fashion.  Most of these games have either been met with excitement or simple disinterest on my part, as you might expect.  But it was a very recent game, released in August as a matter of fact, that caught my interest in a way quite unlike anything I had seen thus far.  My reaction: utter disbelief.

The game in question was Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and even though I had seen gameplay footage of it, it took me a long time to wrap my head around the fact that such a game could actually exist.  Was my brain deceiving me?  Had they really made a crossover with Nintendo’s…

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