Obesity: A Dark Side of Gaming [2/2]


-by Dylan DiBona

So there I was in my new dorm, my new “home” with three kids I never knew. I made the stupid mistake of not going to the first party of the college year, which snowballed into me not making any true friends. Mind you, this was all after high school, a time where I also did not make any new friends. I was clinging onto my elementary school buddies, but now I was able to see them even less.

I was grossly overweight and like I said last time, I had braces on my teeth that would still last me a few more months. Self-confidence didn’t exist within me and after going to an all boy high school for four years, girls were an enigma. To make matters even worse, I fell absolutely head over heels for the girl who lived in the dorm directly next to…

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