Discourse: A Call for Civility

The Gaming Teacher

Hello, dear readers. While I tried to keep this post as concise and focused as possible, it might be considered a rant by some. Please know that my intent is not to be dismissive but rather to tackle something that I’ve thought about a great deal and feel the need to write about. The underlying point I try to make is that kindness and respect matter whether we’re talking about video games or otherwise interacting with the people around us.

Recently, there has been some kerfuffle on the internet. This, of course, is nothing new especially considering the topic revolves around video games.

On Wednesday, Kotaku published “Earthworm Jim’s Mean-Spirited Satire Doesn’t Hold Up,” written by Heather Alexandra. Some readers disagreed with Alexandra’s take on the game. For the record, I’m not saying her piece was the most critical bit of writing I’ve ever read (it was quite light on…

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