The Necropolis, Part 1

DDO Outrage

General Comments

Necropolis Part 1 is one of those adventure packs which will never be great. It will always be doomed to live in mediocrity, and there’s unfortunately nothing that Turbine can really do to make the quests innately more enjoyable or more rewarding. And there’s nothing that Turbine can do now to make the game more popular; they’ve already shot themselves in the foot with the heroic-epic split, and there’s no going back.

Experience: 3/5

Back when this game was popular and it was possible to find a group to farm The Bloody Crypt, I would’ve given this area a solid 5/5 for its level. Right now, however, it’s only practical to run each of the quests once, since DDO has been gradually declining in popularity and it’s nearly impossible to find a group for Bloody Crypt.

Sometimes, it may not even be practical to flag for the…

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